Worries Begone! Welcome, Creativity!


Breeze, an 11″ custom starhorse

My time–and my mental attention–have been so divided lately.  I haven’t been behind the sewing machine in a while, but I’m glad I finally made something!  How fresh and pretty is this mint green pony?  I would not have thought to create this color, so I am so glad a customer requested it and challenged me.  She just got shipped to her new family, where she will have the company of two of my other little horses.  I can just imagine the fun!

The fabric in all of my horses starts as a plain white velveteen.  Velveteen  is not widely available in colors, and the choices are disappointingly few when I find it, so I create all of my colors and patterns myself.  Pastels were hard for me at first, but this mint green turned out perfectly.  I had to dye the wool yarn with a completely different type of dye and process while aiming for a similar color, and I cannot believe how well it matches!  If I had a lot of time on my hands I think I could enjoy spending many hours just dying different fabrics and yarns.

Our family has had a difficult year.  We have really struggled since my husband lost his job in 2011.  That’s a long time in limbo trying to stay upbeat!  I try not to let it take a toll on my creativity, but it does.

I’d actually planned to close the Etsy shop, but never quite crossed that bridge.  Right when I’d think I was done, I’d get the most heartwarming appreciative communication from a customer and change my mind.  Or I’d look at the little doll half done on the sewing table and know I’d at least finish him first anyway.  (And I did!)  Then the next thing I knew, I’d be sketching ideas and comparing fabrics while my daughter dug through the yarn making recommendations– then my heart would once again be the heart of a craftsperson.

Although toymaking isn’t be my number one focus right now and I don’t know how much or how long I can manage it, for now the virtual toyshop doors are still open and there are still at least a few more new Starhorses and dolls in our future.  I just tell myself that a slow trickle is nicer than none at all when I look at one of those sweet embroidered smiles and bright little faces doing their part to remind us to enjoy the small blessings in life.