New Starhorse Caspian

131129caspianbI am always looking for ways to improve my designs, and sometimes ideas just come together perfectly. Caspian is my first Starhorse with weft hair (His hair is real horsehair!) that falls over to one side. I loved this so much that I plan to make some of my yarn hair horses with hair to one side, too. It looks more natural and it’s less bushy around the neck and rather graceful.

Updates were made to the legs, with darts that hold a better shape, to the ears that are no longer a flat triangle, and to the hooves. My hooves used to be round, and I carefully hand-stitched each little cylinder as I tucked it into the leg and added extra stuffing. A meticulous process! Actually, it’s still a meticulous process but the hooves are now an angled oval, so that they are both daintier and a little easier to manage. How realistic they are is a matter of opinion, but I think they really capture the spirit of the way a horse looks anyway.

These accessories are all experiments, too. I added reins with a beautiful natural linen cord and wrapped it in cotton floss to keep everything soft and pretty. My felt saddle is more three dimensional, and the wool blanket combines with a chest ornament to combine coziness and a parade look at once. And jingle bells! These are too fun and would make anyone want to start a parade of their own just to prance through it makes a happy noise! I decided these could be free–they are sturdily stitched but there are some thread ends that show on the red velvet elastic. There’s really no way to hide the threads… But later I figures out a way to do the nearly-impossible and now make the jingle bells with fewer threads to show.

Caspian, like my other Starhorses, is made of hand-dyed 100% cotton velveteen and stuffed with wool. He is a 13″ tall horse and great for dolls to ride on. This firm type of stuffed horses is made to stand tall and not bend or fall over easily. He’s made for travel and adventure, but may not squish and cuddle like other types of stuffed toys. For ages 3+ as loose hair is not recommended for younger children, and accessories contain a few small parts.

131129caspian2b More bunnies too! The velveteen bunnies have sure kept me busy lately. And of course, I am always making improvements to them too. I am currently just trying to teach myself to make fewer mistakes I have to fix. I find that instead of making the bunnies faster and faster over time, I get pickier about details and try to make them better instead. I’ve definitely learned that hand-stitching has advantages over the machine when it comes to getting accurate placement in tight spaces. ETA: Named these guys Truffle Bunnies! They are 5″ tall and sit in the palm of the hand. I like how each one has a unique face and wee differences in the shape. Truly one of a kind, and velveteen is so friendly to touch. 131202bunnies


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