My GoFundMe Campaign

We’ve been dreaming this little dream for a while, and trying to bring the ingredients together to make it happen. Our vision is to move my home studio to a new public space in its own room at our bookstore. I thought I would be getting a job but I just keep having to fall back on this wonderful creative work I started to fill in what we thought was a temporary income gap. I guess it’s not going to be temporary so it’s finally time to go professional!


We’re asking for help because with all of our bookstore income going to operating expenses and bare minimum basics, we never have anything to invest! We keep waiting and waiting for our “better days” and it’s holding us back. We are just looking for a wee little boost to get this dream rolling.  The sewing machines are especially important because what I’ve run into some technical limitations for what I can make. (I need more stitches for working with knit fabrics and a serger for doing a more professional finish on clothing.) I can hardly wait to get to work on this new project, and look forward to sharing my creative journey with all of you!

Here’s the link to my campaign where you can learn more.


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