Simple Dolls

My simple dolls group includes small dolls made with colored or print bodies, and include two baby designs and a larger “action figure” style. Their simplicity is that they do not need separate clothing.



140215bluestarlight3 140215bluestarlight4 140215bluestarlight5

Starlight Babies are chubby and squishy dolls made without hair so they will be safe for small children. Hat variations available. A rattle can be inserted securely inside the tummy.



Lullaby Babies were made for teething. They are lightly stuffed and have balls in hands and feet as well as a teething knot on their hats. A wooden teething ring can also be knotted onto the hat.


Starwalkers are fun to dress up as fairies, superheroes, or ballerinas with a pretty print or solid body that is lean and flexible for active play. The two in the pictures are prototypes. Currently I usually make these dolls with skin-tone arms but I love playing with all sorts of different ideas for these! Made for children more than three years of age due to small parts and hair fibers. The main body fabric will generally be lined with a second layer for durability.

nissa7 nissa2bromley4

little face2 pepperjack9 pepperjack10

FABRIC CHOICES:These are the cotton knits patterns currently available for Starwalkers and Starlight Babies’ bodies. These are upcycled garments, and a few of the fabrics contain a small amount of lycra content.


Solid soft cotton velours are suitable for baby doll bodies and hats. They are 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Available in:

PINKS: pale pink, lilac pink, soft medium pink, bright pink, fuschia

REDS: bright red, medium red, rich red, maroon red

ORANGES: rust orange, bright orange, pale peach

YELLOWS: bright yellow, pale lemon

GREENS: lime green, kelly green, sage green, olive green, deep green

BLUES: medium aqua, bright turquoise, muted turquoise, teal, pale baby blue, bright royal blue, navy

PURPLES: lavender, dark purple, bright raspberry

GRAYS: pale gray, warm gray, cool gray, mushroom

BROWNS: light tan, medium brown, reddish brown



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