Twinkles are my smallest dolls. They fit in pockets or dollhouses.


TWINKLE TOTS come in 4″, 5″, and 6″ sizes for making family assortments.

So many choices for these!
Pockets dolls with soft rounded feet or standing dolls with weighted flat feet.
Colored/print bodies or skin tone bodies with removable clothes.
Choose hats or hair (hair is available in several styles.)

TINY TWINKLES are 3″ babies in hooded footie sleepers

DEWDROPS are 3″ bunting babies with hats

Tiny Twinkles and Dewdrops are made of velour.


TWINKLE PONIES 5″ horses and 4″ foals

Twinkle ponies are usually made of soft cotton velveteen.
Foals are made of lighter weight fabrics such as linen or cotton.
Hair is yarn or mohair locks.
Good for any 4″-6″ dolls to ride.


Sleeping Bags or Beds
Carrying Pouches
Clothing or Outerwear
Baby-Carrying Slings for Moms and Dads
Saddles for Twinkle Ponies

HC140202blueponies twinklepony4

Fabric choices for Twinkle Tots:

Twinkle Tot bodies can be made in skin tones with clothing, but I developed them with knit prints for their bodies. Skin tones include peach, tan, mocha, and brown. The following images show my current selections for Twinkle bodies:

140220knitsampler1 140220knitsampler2

Solid soft cotton velours are suitable for my babies and for hats, and are also an option for doll bodies. They are 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Available in:

PINKS: pale pink, lilac pink, soft medium pink, bright pink, fuschia

REDS: bright red, medium red, rich red, maroon red

ORANGES: rust orange, bright orange, pale peach

YELLOWS: bright yellow, pale lemon

GREENS: lime green, kelly green, sage green, olive green, deep green

BLUES: medium aqua, bright turquoise, muted turquoise, teal, pale baby blue, bright royal blue, navy

PURPLES: lavender, dark purple, bright raspberry

GRAYS: pale gray, warm gray, cool gray, mushroom

BROWNS: light tan, medium brown, reddish brown


A few velour prints are also available.


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